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About Us
Utour Education Inc, located in Los Angeles, CA, dedicates to building a Sino-U.S. educational connection. We are committed to providing platforms and creating networks that promote communication among students looking for a study tour or brand-new experience abroad.
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Our Services

With efforts, we have provided high-end study tours in North America (include but not limited to campus visit, cultural exchange, animation production, physical training, art exhibition, customization study-tour service based on customers’ preferences and demand, etc.) and volunteer programs in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, we also have a talent recruitment program provided for the Native English speakers who wish to engage in the cause of education in China as well as have cultural exchange experience abroad. In the future, our service will be extended into areas of educational counseling and training to students seeking professional advice on further education abroad.
What we do

To achieve our goals, we share resources with Wanqi Education Co Ltd in China for mutual support and mutual development. We have built cooperating relationships with multiple cities, universities, high schools as well as educational institutions in both the United States and China, striving to create ever-growing channels and opportunities for our students and customers.
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As an American educational consulting company, Utour Education has an elite team with its core members graduating from top universities globally, including Columbia University, University of Southern California as well as China’s world-class universities.
Young and professional, multiple and mutual, Utour Education opens the world, changes your dreams into possibilities with its international horizons and spirits. We are your trustworthy overseas study specialists.
English Teacher Recruitment
Utour is now recruiting native English speakers in the United States to teach children English in China in many different cities, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, etc.
Please contact us for detailed information.
Our partners are as follows:
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Other partners
Tourist Study

In order to enhance Sino-U.S. mutual understanding in cultural interactions and education, to build bridges between China and the United States, and to advocate special international classes in both junior and senior high schools, Utour Education actively comes up with “Sino-U.S. Two-way Tourist Study”.
Sino-U.S. Two-way Tourist Study

Customized Tour

We provide full service, including international round-trip flight booking service, pick-up and drop-off service, daily travel transportation service, and sightseeing tour service. You will enjoy high-end accommodations and dining during the whole itinerary (can be adjusted according to customer needs). We listen to customers’ voices 24 hours a day. Through our customized tour, the world door will be opened for Chinese students and parents!

Based on your needs and intentions


All plannings do not limit the location or time

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Full Service

We listen to customers’ voices 24 hours a day

Contact Us


924 Huntington Dr, Monrovia, CA 91016

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+1 (626) 698-5874